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Since he was 14 years old, Phil has been working in the family business. With years of experience learning the techniques that separate us from the competition behind us, you know you can count on Cato Roofing.


Hire a locally owned and operated roofing business today and get the best service available. Call us at 541-270-7445.

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With over 23 years of experience, Phil is well-versed in the foundation of the roofing industry. He has the discipline instilled in him to take care of any roofing job you send his way. You can count on us; we have a 5-year warranty on our roofs.

Put a wide array of roofing experience to work

After his stepfather left the roofing industry, Phil began working with a number of other roofing companies to broaden his experience and learn other roofing techniques, so you know you're only getting service from the best in the area.

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